Ferret hurón

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Natural Habitat
Where does it live?
After living in Egypt, now are live in Australia and the Islas Baleares. Are need big space about sleeping, playing, eating and funny. Ideally a cageof 1 cubic meter of two ferrets’ or one, temperature is 18 and 22. There few forefathers living in Northamerica and steppes.
Daily Routine
What does it do? What time?
They sleep of 14 or 18 hoursa day, when are awake they very assets, are animals twilling are very assets in the dawn, in late afternoon and little in the night. Daily must to exercise and satisfy curiosity at least one hour.Have belt but two hours a day and be monitored. Love the garden, not allow wonder in the house.
Life Span
How long do it live?
Can live of 4 years than 12 years depends of the care andresponsibility of the persons, also depends of genetics health. As can die in the electric cables, ventilator, fan and others dangerous items is necessary to take measures of prevention. Take get hurts.
What does it eat?
Naturally is carnivorous. Them love candy’s as raisins, peanut butter but single a small amount as if much is ill. In higher amount are the vegetables, the three ingredientsvery important must be derivatives meat. 32-38% protein and 15-20% of fat ideally dietary countains
Where do you keep it?
Is used one bag special, as take prevention and guarded . They are veryrestless.

Exercise needs
Like play whit their owners, playing in the garden and the house. They are survival and explore environment. Daily want play and view.
Approximate cost
In the pet shopsyou cost is of $200 dollar ($2000) to $700 dollar ($7000) depends of the race and the pet shops.
Other information
Is one animal domestic, cousin of the weasel and otter are intelligent and lessdestructive. Have a great sense of smell and hearing.
Are friendly and excellent pet, need very much love and attention. Is one animal very social and love play whit humans, do not bite of true, gently...
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