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FileMaker Pro 7

© 2004 FileMaker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FileMaker, Inc. 5201 Patrick Henry Drive Santa Clara, California 95054 FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries, and ScriptMaker and the file folder logo are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker documentation is copyrighted. You are not authorized to make additional copiesor distribute this documentation without written permission from FileMaker. You may use this documentation solely with a valid licensed copy of FileMaker software.

All persons and companies listed in the examples are purely fictitious and any resemblance to existing persons and companies is purely coincidental. Credits are listed in the Acknowledgements document provided with this software. Formore information, visit our web site at Edition: 01

Lesson 1 FileMaker Pro basics How to use this tutorial We begin with a demonstration We explain how it works You build the structures Where to find the lesson files If you need to start over Database concepts What is a database? Why use a database? How is a database organized? How is field data displayed?FileMaker Pro basics About FileMaker Pro modes For more information Lesson 2 Browsing information Open a database and move between records View information in different ways See a different layout View your layouts as forms, lists, and tables For more information Lesson 3 Finding and sorting records Find records based on criteria in a single field Find records based on criteria in separate fields Findrecords that match multiple criteria in the same field Find records that match a range of criteria in the same field
Narrow your search Sort your found set For more information 18 18 19

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Lesson 4 Creating a database and entering records Create a simple database and define fields Look at the sample file About field definitions Create a database Enter data into thedatabase Create the first record Create another record Modify data in a record For more information Lesson 5 Customizing what you see Customize your view in Layout mode Look at the sample layouts About layouts and tables About customizing layouts Customize a layout Resize, move, and add a field Select and resize a field Move a field Add a field Display a number as currency Add color to a layout partAdd custom text to a layout Add text

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Change text size and color Add a graphic to the layout For more information

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Lesson 6 Creating lists, mailing labels, and form letters Create a columnar list Look at the sample list Create a columnar list Create mailinglabels Look at the sample labels About label layouts Create a label layout Create a form letter Look at the sample letter About form letter layouts Create a form letter For more information Lesson 7 Simplifying data entry Enter data using value lists Look at the sample value list Define a value list Assign a value list to a field and display it as radio buttons Generate values with a calculationfield See how calculations speed data entry Create a calculation field Test your calculation Automatically enter a serial number Look at a serial number example Create a field for serial numbers For more information

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Lesson 8 Automating tasks with buttons and scripts Perform a task using a button Look at a sample button Create the button Perform a series oftasks using a script Run a script in the sample file About scripts Create a script to preview the Labels Layout Assign a script to a button For more information Lesson 9 Creating and running reports Generate a report with grouped data Look at a sample report About subsummary reports Create a subsummary report Generate a report with grouped data and totals Look at a sample report Create a report...
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