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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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BANK casher

While I was sitting on the tourist bus I saw in the end a quite stressed man, and behind him and empty seat. I decide to approach, since the trip was long and tiresome and the buswasn’t full at all. He seemed to be the only one alone. Just as we started the conversation, I realized that he wasn’t scared or stressed, although his face portrayed that feeling. On the contrary he was arelaxed minded person, because he didn’t t worried at all the heat that was doing or by the little boys that were playing around with their toy swords. I notice that he was a very respectful personbecause of the form that he expressed when he talked to me and I also noticed how organized he was. He had all his money divided into different envelopes with numbers on the top of them whichrepresented the days that he was going to stay in holy land and how much money he was supposed to spend. I realized that this reflected what kind of man he was and what kind of profession he exerts, which wasprobably related to banks and those skills are fundamental in his income.

A soon as we arrive to holy land I followed him to a nearby store where he went to buy some drinks. I was very interestedin him and to know about his life, so I excused myself and asked him about his living. The man smiled and acted really politely towards the surprising ambush, and he agreed to answer my questions. Hetold me he went to a Ivy League university and emphasized in how important high school education was for his work development and for life in general. I kept thinking in which was his job and hefinally said it, he was a bank casher; yet a very well recognized one. He explained me that the outcome of his success was due to his honesty, hard work, problem understanding and the doing ofmulti-functional activities. He made a pause and I concluded that his values acquired in his education were shown in his work.


• I took a glance and I saw this man; toned up, muscular, tall...
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