Final treatment

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2010
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Alanna Perrie
February 1st, 2010
Final Film Treatment
Milo Parrinello is not your typical hit man. At first glance, the blonde hair and blue eyed young man seems naive and hardly dangerous. He has soft, but strong features that imply he has been through a lot of pain but still holds his innocence. Milo’s hands are covered in calluses but have no other visible scaring. His main outfit ofchoice is a band t-shirt with numerous, bright colors. A leather jacket and nice, undamaged pair of jeans is typically what Milo is seen wearing. Unseen to the untrained eye lies multiple, hidden tattoos. Milo’s voice is deep, but has a sultry undertone which surprises most people. When Milo speaks anyone can tell he is quite intelligent and can hold his own. He has a slight northerner accent dueto his place of birth, but it is very faint and hard to tell where he was born. When he does raise his voice, the accent resurfaces. Milo moves with no sound and effortlessly calculates his attacks to efficiently kill his target which implies he has some sort of training. He is known to be graceful and fast which looks odd due to his leather jacket.
Our story starts out one week after Milo’ssister’s death. He is heading to Chicago by train and accounts the preceding week with his thoughts. We learn she was shot down and killed in their home in Northern Michigan due to past family feuds with the Dilibertos. This was his motivation to journey to Chicago because the Diliberto family resides there. The Parrinello family also lives in Chicago and he plans to live with them and fightalongside his cousins. We meet two of his cousins Salvatore and Alonzo upon arriving at their house. The three young men have dinner from a local Chinese restaurant in their small but comfortable kitchen. Between large bites, they talk about possible areas where the Dilibertos are typically found. They concoct a rough plan and decide to venture to a diner on the south side the following night.The next morning, Salvatore and Alonzo decide to give Milo some practice before they fight the Dilibertos. They bring Milo to a broken down, slum looking area and try to find drug dealers. Around the corner, they hear a girl screaming and they quickly run to its source. They find an attractive young woman who is dressed somewhat like a prostitute being pushed around by a young member of theDiliberto family. Salvatore and Alonzo start screaming at him as they three of them increase their pace. The Diliberto sees he is greatly outnumbered and immediately becomes frightened and drops the young woman’s arm. He practically trips over his own feet as he turns around and sprints in the opposite direction into an alley.
Milo is the first to reach the girl and helps her stand up as heconsoles her. They learn that her name is Lilith and the Diliberto family has forced her into the life of prostitution. Her father had become suddenly ill and they couldn’t afford the medical bills. As Lilith fixes her shirt and touches the new bruises on her arm she explains the Diliberto family offered to pay the outrageous bills and would collect the money later. Unfortunately, they decided toup the deadline and the only way she could make that kind of money fast enough was to sell her body. Salvatore and Alonzo become annoyed and tell Milo this is more reason for their ambush tonight. Milo appears to be skeptic but is distracted by Lilith as she goes into her purse and looks for something. Lilith pulls out a notebook and claims she knows the hide out of the Dilibertos because shewas told to bring her payment there. She points to the specific address and insists she joins them. Salvatore and Alonzo are excited and walk away with Lilith as they discuss a plan. Milo follows closely behind and reaches for his phone as the scene ends.
That night, the four of them sit in Salvatore’s car waiting for the Dilibertos to arrive home. The empty Chinese boxes and bags indicate...
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