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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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MEB-9400K EMG/EP measuring system

Technical Data

Faster easier operation Latest hardware, advanced software and report generation let you perform the examination more quickly and more simply. Compact junction box The thin and compact electrode junction box provides portability for use anywhere such as ward, examination room, office, and laboratory. (2 ch/4 ch)Sophisticated stimulation Electrical stimulation, sound stimulation, pattern reversal and LED goggles stimulation are available. Advanced operation panel The SIDE/SET key and MUSCLE/TEST key allow quicker EMG and ECS examinations. Laptop and desktop PC models Laptop and Desktop PC models are available. Reliable measurement results Low noise, high CMRR, high input impedance, isolated head amplifier. On-screenexamination guide NeuroNavi NeuroNavi shows examination information and electrode and stimulation positions for NCS and other examinations. You can refer to it on the screen any time. Quick EMG You can easily choose the muscle and side from the muscle quick list with the SIDE/SET key and MUSCLE/TEST key on the operation panel. The list can be modified to suit your own procedures. Manual MUP Youcan select MUP waveforms from a site and display them on the Manual MUP Window. EMG2 You can enjoy automatic MUP waveforms detection and pattern classification, and real-time turn/amplitude analysis with the EMG program. Quick NCS The SIDE/SET key and MUSCLE/TEST key allow to select the examination quickly from the examination list box. Fast marking function When you manually mark the taking offpoint in NCS menu, the other marks are set automatically. Normative data column

Shows a range of normative nerve conduction velocity, latency and amplitude in NCS. Easy-to-use main menu You can choose the most suitable main menu for your examination needs from 3 menus. High performance software Basic protocols, including EMG, NCS and somatosensory, auditory, and visual evoked potential softwareare provided as standard. Expandability for sophisticated examination Several optional software packages are available to satisfy sophisticated examination needs. Multi-task windows Up to 12 test protocols can be open simultaneously. To save time, you can enter patient information, EMG findings or diagnosis during examination. Database compatibility Large patient information database compatible withMicrosoft® Access. Runs under Windows® XP 32 bit system program runs under Windows XP which assures high reliability and security. CD-R for archiving CD-R drive to save data is standard provision. Report generation Three types of printouts are available. - Reports using Microsoft Excel / Word - Screen hard copy of waveforms - Waveforms, data, and information on one page


EMG • EMG • MUP • Interference • MUP detection and pattern classification (EMG2) • Real time Turns/Amp Analysis (EMG2) Quantitative EMG Software, QP-946BK (option) • Realtime MUAP • Interference Pattern Analysis Turns/Amp Analysis FFT Power Spectrum Single Fiber and Macro EMG Software, QP-947BK (option) • Single Fiber EMG • Stimulated Single Fiber EMG • Macro EMG

♦ Motor Unit NumberEstimate
MUNE Program, QP-351BK (option) • MUNE (resaerch purpose)

♦ Review
Review Software, QP-219BK (option) • Review, editing and filing of data on a Windows NT/ 2000/XP PC. Data recorded on MEB-4200 (ver. 4.5 or later), MEB5500 (ver 3.0 or later) and MEB-2200/MEB-9100/ MEB-9200 is compatible.

♦ EMG presentation
EMG Playback Software, EMG Player, QP-930B (option) • Play back EMG waveswith sound on a Windows 98/ Me/NT4.0 (SP5)/2000/XP PC.

♦ Nerve Conduction Study
Nerve Conduction Study • NCS (MCS, SCS and F-wave) • MCS (Motor Nerve Conduction Study) • SCS (Sensory Nerve Conduction Study) • Repetitive Stimulation • F-wave • H Reflex • Blink Reflex

♦ Amplifiers
Number of channels: 2 or 4 Compact electrode junction box:
2-pin DIN jacks 6-pin DIN jacks...
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