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~ TOPIC PREVIEW. Look at the pictures. Do any of the

pictures show behavior that would be unusual or strange in your country?

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. =====-'-"

bow shake hands kisshug

Exchanging business cards

with two hands with one hand use first names use last names

Small talk

So how much money do you melke?

f ~ l ...~

So howold are you?

ask about salary ask about age ask about family


1. How do you prefer to greet and address people?

2. How do you prefer to exchange business cards?

3.When you meet someone new, which subjects are OK to talk about?
o the weather|0|your age|0|your salary|0|your family|
o your job|0|your religion|0|your home|0|other: ____|

2 UNIT 1Greetings and Small Talk

How t o plan a Top Notch lesson

Suggested teaching times for the activities in each two-pa ge lesson add up to a total teaching time of 45-60 minutes. To plan a class ofapproximately 45 minutes, lise the shorter estimated teaching times when a range is shown. To plan a class of 60 or more m inutes, lise the longer estimated teaching tLmes when a range is shown.Your actual teaching time will vary from the times suggested, according to your needs, your schedule, and the needs of your class.

Activities labeled "Option" or "Challenge" are additional to the45-60 minutes, and the estima ted teaching t.iJne for each is noted with the activity.
Si.milarly, any time you spend in class on the
Grammar Booster is additiona l to the 45-60 m inutes. In additionto the notes, options, and

Challenges, you will see icons indicating other possible extensions to the material on the Student's Book page. These of course will also increase the time allotted tothe lesson:

~ An extension activity from the Teacher's Resource Disk in the back of this Teacher's Edition

!'d An episode from the Top Notch TV Video

A test fro m the Complete Assessment...
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