Flora y fauna in danger of extinction

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Flora y Fauna in danger of extinction
Extinction is the disappearance, brought about by natural or unnatural means, of an entire species.
Some species of plants and animals die out naturally because newer species are more successful at competing for food and living space. Others have become extinct because of changes in the planet or because of natural disasters.
Dinosaurs, for example, mayhave died out because the climate became cooler--maybe because an asteroid collided with the earth and caused a big cloud of dust that blocked out the sun.
In today's world, however, species mostly become extinct or are threatened with extinction because of humans. Humans hunt animals, destroy their habitats, and introduce other animals that prey upon the endangered animals or compete for theirresources. Among these factors, the greatest threat to plants and animals is habitat destruction.
It is estimated that about 125 species of birds and 60 species of mammals have become extinct since 1600. Currently, there are approximately 1000-1100 species of birds and mammals that are facing extinction. If invertebrates and plants are included, the total number of species in imminent danger isaround 20,000.
Ecuador is wild holder of a great wealth of flora and fauna. Nevertheless these natural resources have been substantially altered by the deforestation, the illegal trade of species, the furtive hunt, burning of the forests, etc., which has caused that many of the wild species with the Ecuador are threatened or on the verge of extinction. The truth is that if we do not help them save,she can be the last generation of these animals that there could see the beauty of our country. “Biol. Darwin Vega C.”
Oso de Anteojos: wonderful animal of great size, called this way by his two yellow striping that cover yours eyes. It is one of the species of the wild Ecuadorian fauna that is associated with a type of threatened habitat; the furtive hunt, for yours meat, yours skin and yoursfat it constitutes the principal reasons of the decrease of the populations of these animals.

Condor: named the King of the Andes, for your majesty and aptitude to fly up to the limits of the perpetual snow. Considered the biggest flying bird of the planet; of black coloration with white contrasts, your destroyed habitat for peasants and landowners, is seriously danger of extinction, for what itis indispensable to realize the biggest efforts to avoid your extinction.

Puma or American lion: is of stout and slender figure, skin tawn reddish, clear or dark and up to way negress with a spot of the same color to every side. Considered a threat for the local populations and domestic animals, they have allowed that for a lot of time they should be severely ladlefuls, besides the commercialvalue of your skins. Also the destruction of your habitats they have threatened your conservation.

Parrots, Macaws and Periwigs: yours showy and showy colors, the aptitude to repeat words, especially if they are captured of young women; the facility of adapting in captivity, the high prices that for them are paid on the foreign market, the indiscriminate felling of your forests and the pursuitof the local people as source of protein, they have determined that these birds are restricted to protection places.

This type of species them can be restricted in some places protected from the Ecuador, where national and foreign tourists can enjoy your natural beauty.

These places are:
Area of Recreation Cajas, National Park Sangay, National Park Podocarpus, National Park Cotopaxi,Reserva Cayambe Coca, Reserva Cotacachi Cayapas, National Park Ilinizas, National Park Antisana, Reserva of Production Faunística Cuyabeno, National Park Yasuní, Riveras of the river Napo, Area of Recreation El Boliche, Biological Reservation Limoncocha, Ecological Reservation Machi Chindul.
But also we can find them in sites places in those who are kept in view of the public in general, fell like...
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