Foda de un restaurante peruano

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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Executive summary
The approach of the project is a service of Peruvian foods and drinks, additionally to this we offer customized entertainment and events where the client will realise differentactivities will approach that it to live experiences related to our culture. The zone of Chacarrilla considers a perfect zone for this type of restaurant to have a great potential for the activity thatwe want to develop, since it is a zone that is well known.

In this zone we don’t have direct competition because the restaurants that are near are of Italian food and a few sea foods.
PuntoPeruano, is a restaurant, which is created in order to bring the best service and food to the people who like Peruvian food and drinks. Punto Peruano is a comfortable place where you can spend a greatmoment in family or with friend tasting our best food all around the country. We now that nowadays Peruvian food is very appreciated in the world, and we want to take advantage of that, we want to giveto our clients that best food in a reasonable price.
In order to promote the company it is being considered to arrive at our segment by means of announcements in specialized magazines, blog, pages Webin which spread the tour guide so that also beams can their reservations and inquire better into the product like they will be able to be contacted with us by means of this page.

SWOT AnalysisExternal Environment |
Opportunities | Threats Analysis |
* Peruvian food nowadays is considered one of the best food in the world * Many recognize chef are supporting the peruavian food.* The Peruvian food is the best tourist attraction * New international treaties, will increase the entrance of the consumers and will diminish the costs | * This marketing cans to saturateitself * We competed with many other restaurant which offer food from different countries * The economic crisis makes people save money. * High control of regulating organizations that could...
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