Formal and informal letter

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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2011
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Dear Mark,
Thank you for your letter, I'm glad to know that you're doing OK at the farm. As I told you before, I moved from my parents house, and this week has been waytoo busy. My new flat is quite big, it has two bedrooms, one of them faces the beach. The kitchen is brand new, and the living and dining room share the same space.
Butactually I can't get used to waking up and don't have my breakfast ready on the table, it takes me so long to make it.
I've met kind people here. They're Jess and Tom. Jesis 20 and she's going to the same institute as me. And Tom is 23, he's working at Vans at the moment. Although I'm waking up early everyday, I don't have time to doeverything I have to.
By the way, I'm afraid I can't go to the farm until the winter holidays.
It's late and I'm tired som I'm ending the letter now. Please write me back, ok?XOXO


Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm writing in response to your advertisement that appeared in Sunday's newspaper. I'm interested in getting theBennington Rock festival package this summer and I want some information of what it includes.
I would appreciate if you could tell me which and how is the hotel and if it is closeto Bennington Park.
Also I would like to know if the rooms are for three people because I want to go with two friend. One of them is under eighteen so I was wondering ifwith his parents permission he would not have problems with doing this trip.
Could you also let me jnow if we could arrive late friday night at Heathrow and if is itpossible that we would fly back on Sunday at 9.15 pm?
Thank you in advance for your assistance. I'm looking forward yo recieving your answer.
Yours faithfully
Ms. Loise Taylor
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