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By: Fernando Pozo N.
Mary Shelley
The daughter of Mary Wollstronecraft, the ardent feminist and author of A Vindication of the Rights of Women, and William Godwin, the radical-anarchist philosopher and author of Lives of the Necromancers. Mary Godwin was born into a freethinking, revolutionary household in London on August 30, 1797. Educated mainly by her intellectualsurroundings, she had little formal schooling and at sixteen eloped with the young poet Percy Bysshe Shelly; they eventually married in 1816.
Mary Shelley’s life had many tragic elements. Her mother died giving birth to Mary; her half-sister committed suicide; Harriet Shelly--Percy’s Wife--drowned herself and her unborn child after he ran off with Mary; William Godwin disowned Mary and Shelley after theelopement, but--heavily in debt—recanted and came to them for money; Mary’s first child died soon after its birth; and in 1822 Percy Shelley drowned in the Gulf of Spezzia when Mary was not quite twenty-five.
Mary Shelley recalled that her husband was “forever inciting” her to “obtain literary reputation”. But she did not begin to write seriously until the summer of 1816, when she and Shelley were inSwitzerland, neighbors of Lord Byron. One night, following a contest compose ghost stories. Mary conceived her masterpiece, Frankenstein. After Shelley’s death she continued to write: Valperga (1823), The Last Man (1826), Lodore (1835), and Falkner (1837), in addition to editing her husband’s works. In 1838 she began to work on his biography, but owing to poor health she completed only afragment.
Although she received marriage proposals from Trelawney, John Howard Payne, and perhaps Washington Irving, Mary Shelley never remarried. “I want to be Mary Shelley on my tombstone”, she is reported to have said. She died on February 1, 1851, survived by her son, Percy Florence.
Robert Walton was a navigator who wanted to visit a land that the world had never visited before so hestarted a trip with many sailors in order to discover this land. However, one day the ship got stocked surrounded by ice, and later they found a man that had drifted towards the boat on a large piece of ice in the night, and almost all the dogs of his carriage were gone, only one remained. They convinced the nearly-frozen man to enter the ship until he has recovered from his fatigue. Although the manwas sick and he couldn’t talk too much, Robert and him became good friends because he was a good listener and very wise. However, Robert noticed that this man, whose name was Victor Frankenstein, was a sad man who seemed to had had many bad experiences in his life. Therefore, he asked Victor about his story, and he started to tell his terrible misfortunes.
Victor Frankenstein was the eldestchild of a Genevese distinguished family. He had one younger brother and a cousin, or at least they called her that way. His cousin’s name was Elizabeth Lavenza, and she was adopted by his mother when she saw Elizabeth eating in the table of a poor family that didn´t have the money to feed their five children. Elizabeth became the inmate of the Frankenstein’s house and Victor’s more than sister, thebeautiful and adored companion of all his occupations and his pleasures.
Victor also became great friend with Henry Clerval, who was his school-fellow.
When Victor Frankenstein was 17 years old, his father decided to send him to college in a near town called Ingolstadt. While Victor was studying in university and increasing his knowledge with the philosophies of the modern chemistries, he alsochose to do something no one had ever done before. He wanted to discover the secrets of life and death. Therefore he converted his room into a laboratory in order to make experiments with human body parts. And, after two years of hard work spending only few hours to rest, he discovered the secret, and he became capable of giving animation to a lifeless matter. Then, he decided to create a human...
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