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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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We live in a world that has lost his way, and many associations are trying to send a message to many people as they can. The principal way to send that message is through the footballsoccer, because is the sports that gather the most people to watch it, it’s the sports that makes people change and make changes in their live and those around them . Soccer is one of thesports that make people chase their dreams through it, people when they were little had problems and now they have what they need thanks to the associations. Since I was a kid I alwaysdreamed about making a change in the world, dreamed about being that idol that some kids look up to and help them to improve them self and help them to achieve any goal they have inlife. When I was a kid I dreamed about playing with my country in the world cup, dreaming about hearing the notes of my national anthem, and sending a message about that dreams really cometrue. Soccer is my passion they sports that makes me chill when I scream goal! That’s why I’m going to do whatever I can to achieve my dream, and try to help others to achieve theirs.When people gathers to see a football match of any league everything disappears, no troubles, no hate, only one feeling is the love for the game, and joy of happiness. That’s a good thingcause helps the world to forget the hate that they have to each other. If football is what it takes to make this happen, football is what we should play every day and see the change inthe world. The world cup is the best example to see this change; everybody gathers in one place to cheers their country, regardless of who’s around them, with no racism and mostimportant with no hate. There is no better feeling that knowing that because of you someone made happen what he wanted to happen, that because of you someone inspired himself to chase his dream.
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