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Gandalf is a wizard. He is around 300 years old, and fights in the side of Middle Earth, against his almost equal, Saruman. After his death on the First book, hecomes back to help the fellowship complete their goal, destroy the Ring. He joins Aragorn´s team and rides to Rohan, to save the village from the manipulating power of Saruman.He already died trying to protect the Fellowship, but the Fellowship could not last without him, so he is sent back to finish what he started. Now, he has to complete themission he had before, of protecting the Fellowship and Frodo in his way to destroy the Ring.
Aragorn is the heir to the throne of Gondor. He is a very strong man who fightsfor Middle Earth in the name of man. He is in love of Arwen, an Elf. Aragorn fights against Orcs, Mordor Soldiers, with Gimly and Legolas. He has to get to the throne ofGondor, by helping Frodo destroy the Ring. He is the descendent of Isildur, a king of Gondor who kept the Ring to himself and all that were with him died. He uses a sword, thesword that Isildur used on the past. That is why he wants to destroy the ring, and he won’t stop until achieve it.
He is the Darkest Lord against everyone is fighting against.He bound his soul to the Ring, and even if he died, the Ring survived, so now he searches to get it back, and basically destroy the world. He is not a man, not a wizard andnot any other human class. He is a specie of god. He made an alliance with Saruman and he controls every single Orc on Earth. He also has his own special elite unit calledNazguls. Used to be kings, and controlled by Sauron. They are not alive or dead. He just wants to get the Ring again. With the Ring, his power in unimaginable and unstoppable.
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