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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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{Cupcake Monday} How To Frost Cupcakes with a Beautiful Swirl!
Happy Cupcake Monday! Glory of Glorious Treats here with some simple tips and techniques to help youmake beautiful cupcakes. Kim and I are both often asked about the pastry tips we most commonly use to frost cupcakes. If you have ever been curious about the pretty, ruffly swirls… I’m hear to show youhow simple it really is! Piping frosting on cupcakes is actually quicker than spreading it on, and the results are much fancier!
Ready to make some beautiful cupcakes?
You’ll need…
A large pastrybag
A Wilton 2D or 1M tip (the 2D is a closed star, the 1M is an open star, the end results are similar, with the 2D being slightly more ruffly)
A batch of delicious, thick icing (like my AmericanButtercream)
Baked and cooled cupcakes
1. Hold the piping bag straight up, start frosting from the outside edge (about 12 o’clock position), and begin swirling around the outsideedge.
2.-3. Continue squeezing with constant pressure as you work around the edge of the cupcake (I go counter-clockwise, but I don’t think you have to).
4.-5. Continue in a spiral motion,creating another layer of icing, working in toward the center.
6. Finish the spiral in the center, release pressure on the bag, and pull straight up.
Voila! A beautifully frosted cupcake. At this point,you could add sprinkles or a TomKat Studio topper, and you have a beautiful dessert perfect for most any occasion.
A few notes… the most common problem people seem to have with pipingfrosting on cupcakes is the frosting not being thick enough to hold it’s shape. Make sure your ingredients (butter, milk, etc) are nice and cool as you make your icing, and make sure not to add too muchliquid. If you find the icing a bit soft, you can put it in the refrigerator to firm up a bit, or if necessary add a bit more powdered sugar.
Here are links to some delicious basic recipes, as well as...
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