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Name _Ana Cecilia Estrada González_____ Group:___1° Raffaello____________

1. Why wasn’t Rudy allowed to go on the Notre Dame field trip?

Because his family wasthinking that he couldn’t do it.

2. Why do you think Rudy’s brother Frank was so hostile towards him?

Because he think that is better in football than Rudy.

3. What event happen that causesRudy to head to South Bend?

What I cause that Rudy went way to South Bend was after the unfortunate death of his friend.

4. What school does Father Cavanaugh get Rudy into?

Holy CrossCollege.

5. What agreement does Rudy make with D-Bob?

Is make the agreement with D-Bob to present some girls.

6. What job does Rudy take on the Notre Dame campus?

There takes theassistant’s work of Fortune chief of the personnel of maintenance of the stadium of Notre Dame.

7. A girl comes up and talks to D-Bob. How does he respond?

D-Bob did not answer at allRudy is the one that said that gladly they would go to the dance.

8. What lie does Rudy tell in order to paint the helmets?

That belongs to the school of the Notre Dame

9. Why has Rudyunlocked the windows?

Because the janitor gave to him permission of remaining to sleeping in the room of the players

10. What is waiting for him on the cot & who left it?

He was waiting forthe key that the janitor was going to leave him

11. Rudy asks the priest if he’s “done all [he] can.” What can you infer is the priest’s answer based on what we see Rudy do next?

Thatalways fights for his dreams

12. When Rudy goes home for Christmas, who comes in with his brother, John?

With his “ex” Sherry

13. What is implied in the second letter says based on Rudy’sresponse?

That even was not accepted in the school

14. What does Rudy read that upsets him?

He reads the letter of Notre Dame and there says that finally it is accepted in the school

15. Why...
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