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|Before you install CloneDVD and start copying your first movie, you should consider a few things. Although you can watch a |
|movie from a computer hard-drive using DVD playback software, the fullfunctionality of CloneDVD is not reached without a |
|DVD-Writer. To copy and watch a movie in the best possible manner, you will not only need the right software, but also a |
|DVD writer andDVD-Recordable media. |
|What you should know |
|Welcome to CloneDVD! You have chosen CloneDVD to achieve impressive speed and image quality. Regardless ofwhich copying |
|software you use, you should know that the space available on DVD-Recordable media is much less than that on original DVD |
|media. This is why CloneDVD will compress your movieusing a high-quality transcoding technology. The more original data |
|there is, the more it has to be compressed to fit onto DVD-Recordable media. This means that you need to think carefully ||about copying the entire DVD, with all of its extras, or just the main movie and maybe some subtitles. For keeping an |
|overview, CloneDVD shows you the corresponding compression rate during thetitle and audio selection. |
| |
|Please make surebefore you start copying your first movie that you have bought the correct DVD-Recordable media for your |
|DVD-Writer. Most DVD-Writers use only one kind of DVD format, i.e. the “minus” format:...
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