Glosario de terminos penales en ingles

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Age: Time passed from the birth of a person.

Major of age: It is a condition to determine the full aptitude to act of the person when to reach a certain age, when the person hasacquired an intellectual and physical maturity to have a valid and he will to work some acts.

Minor: The person who has not yet an adult. The minority understood throughout child and, often, adolescenceor part of it.

Judicial defender: It represents and protects the minors in matters as conflicts of interest or for another reason that the tutor could not cover.

Kinship: It is the link thatjoins persons who descend some of others or who have the ascending one jointly.

Emancipation: It is the action that allows to the persons to enter a condition of autonomy and to finish thesubordination to some authority to that this subject.

Person: is the reason of the law. Commonly is the man, legally is the subject of rights and obligations.

Natural person: member of the human speciessusceptible to acquire rights and incur obligations.

Legal person: subject of rights and obligations there physically but not as human individual but as an institution and it’s created by one ormore individuals to play a role.

Personality: ability to be active or passive subject of legal relations.

Nature formalist: legal attribution on legal persons.

Realistic Nature: emanation ofhuman nature in respect of the dignity and worth of the human condition.

Predecease: it is a legal fiction that happens in case two successors die in the same accident.

Nasciturus: Conceived butnot born.

Legal capacity: fitness to be owner of rights and obligations.

Capacity to act: legal quality of the person that determines the effectiveness of his acts according to his maritalstatus.

Parental rights: Obligations or duties that law gives parents over the person and goods of their sons.

Matrimonial economical regime: Juridical status that regulates the economic...
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