Good and bad things traveling

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  • Publicado : 5 de noviembre de 2011
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Definitively travel is a pleasure; there are good many things when you travel.
Personally, I love to travel, and much betterif travel is by plane, even if it is in a plane, the feeling of traveling gives an inexplicable emotion, there are many mixed things, going to the airport, the smell ofcoffee, pilots flight attendants, an finally the plane and when you get to another country and star meeting new people, new cultures, new customs, enjoy the foodknowing interesting places, spending time with your family, there are things that you never forget.
Traveling is definitively, one of the most fascinating things that youcan do without any worry.
In the other hand there are some precautions that you have to take, before during and after your travel. Your travel can become a headache, ifyou do not prepare all with enough time before and you do not save as much as necessary money.
The statistics show that the people, who prepare the trips with enoughtime before, enjoy better all possible activities which they plan; for example if you check in the internet about the place where you go, you can plan day per day, anenjoy it.
Instead of people who prepare everything in the last minutes always forget something and you regret during the travel, in some parks and attractions isnecessary to get the reservations before or by internet, Also is recommends to keep extra money for it something extra happen, if you do not planning save money and you gowith the right money, you can be exposed to any situation.
Summarizing always is better planning and take all the precautions that you can, you never know what can occur.
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