Google strategy

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Google is a monster in the internet. This company has all the information they want about their customers: their email addresses, information on what they buy,what they like doing, pictures, contacts etc. The list of things Google know about each of us is extensive and can be scary. The question is: Will Google ever usethis information against its customers???? Google has a very innovative strategy. Two components are in the innovation strategy: process and product. In our analysis,we focus on the process applied in these two companies in order to boost the innovation environment
Google is clearly defined as a Tech company, and innovation isrecognized as a way of work. Many tactics are incorporated within the culture of the company to allow for innovative ideas and products.
Google has focused onacquisitions and diversification of their products and services in the past years. They have been very successful at integrating and “Googlelizing” its platforms, takingadvantage of the synergistic effects between them. Although its main stream of revenues is advertisement, Google has acquired over 90 companies since 1994 and hasspent over 1.1 billion dollars on acquisitions in the year 2010.
What drives Google into diversity and overwhelming acquisitions is the need for users,developers, technology and data.

Google is likely to maintain its leadership unless there is a complete technology redefinition. Google dedicate most of their timeto identify and anticipate risks before any competitor finds the weakness; they debate openly and work on it with the innovation machine organization they became.
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