Government restricting the birth control in mexico

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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• This extremist law is just like punishing habitants for their actions, and they have done nothing to deserve that the government get involved on their personal and sentimental decisions. China wasat the top of its possible population but Mexico is not. This law would only provoke people to feel repressed as with a dictatorship; this repression would make people organize strikes and protests;these strikes will finish with getting innocent people killed and more aborted babies. All of this would place Mexico in a worse situation that it is now so the law would only be used to have anunhappy nonconformist population. Then, why do you want a country with few rich people if that people is not happy?

• You are talking like if every couple in these days has around 5 children and it isnot the case, every generation is being reduced in number of children because people don’t want to have many responsibilities with offspring. So at the end of the day couples will finish having only oneson, but it would be because of their decision, not because of a pointless law

• We are supposed to be living on a civilized world. Applying this reform is almost assuming that Mexico has nosalvation. This approach is a reflex of the laziness of people to seek other options to the control of population and prosperity of the country; they go for the easy and quick instead of really thinkingabout it, as the government is expected to do.

• If in itself Mexico is expected to be a country of elderly in the future, this law would favor such a situation, causing even more elderly and fewerpeople in working age. As a result the pension system would be discontinued and the old people would not have enough children to provide and maintain them, in conclusion, everyone that would hadsupport such a law in these days would be old and poor in the future, then, what's the good thing that this reform is supposed to bring to Mexico? Because, as it seems, it wouldn’t benefit us now nor in...
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