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Guía de Inglés

1.-Match the sports people with their sports.
Lorena Ochoa Tennis
Michael PhelpsBasketball
Rafael Márquez Athletics
Lace ArmstrongGolf
Venus and Serena Williams Soccer
Ana Guevara CyclingMichael Jordan Swimming

2.- Complete the sentences with have to, don’t have to, can, can´t and mustn’t.

We use ________ when wemean “this is necessary” or “ you’re obliged to”.

We use ________ when we mean “ this is not necessary” or “ you’re are not obliged to”.

We use _______ when we mean “it is not posible” or “youare not allowed to”.

We use _______ when we mean “ it is posible” or “ you are able to”.

We use _______ when we mean “ you’re not allowed to”.

3.- Write play, go, do or go for a in the correctform in the sentences.

* In the vacations I usually ___go___ running twice in the day, ones in the morning and other in the afternoon.
* One of my favorite sport is basketball, I always______ every week.
* My sister and I ______ football together every day.
* My mom ________ yoga and she is so good in that.
* I love water sports. If the water is hot you can _______ swim.* Ana Guevara is the best, she ________ athletics, and won a lot of awards.
* My brother ________ jog every day . I prefer _______ a bike ride.
* My friend Sarah ________ tennis with herboyfriend every weekend.
* On Mondays and Wednesdays I _______ swimming in the pool of the gym.

4.- Complete the rules.

_______+ verb -ing ______+noun
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