Guerra narco

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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Drug War The cost in terms of health care and human lives is far greater trying to ght a war against substances that people use whether illegal or not. When attempting to wage a war against a market,the market will always win, and always at a high price. We cannot defeat supply or demand, it exists as a force above any law or legislature, it exists above the morals that people chose forthemselves. There exists no religious text or Congressman with the power to eliminate demand or kill the supply that wants to feed it. By making drugs illegal, we do little more than ensure that only the mostviolent survive in the marketplace. Those who would otherwise thrive in the market on principle of providing the highest quality product at the lowest price are trampled under the boot of police and(in the case of Mexico) military forces. This drives the business toward those the consumer would otherwise not want to obtain the product from. These individuals, the most violent and mostunderground, become the market monopoly, obtaining the necessary resources from their captive market to entrench and become even more violent. The reason the drug gangs of Mexico can e ectively hold groundagainst a professional military force is because of this mechanism. American policies against drugs have trained and funded drug gangs. Strip away the drug laws protecting the violent monopoly and theseorganizations will collapse. If drugs were made wholesale legal in America, there would be little reason to pay large sums to drug smugglers. Normal trucking could just pass it right through the borderwithout nary a second look. This requires no premium and trucking companies would quickly displace drug lords. Trucking companies operate above the board and don't require midnight deals in dangerousback alleys. Eliminate the laws against sales and distribution and local gangs nd that their primary source of income has just disappeared overnight. Who would buy a bag of cocaine from a MS-13...
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