Guia de estudio para examen final primer grado secundaria

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ENGLISH CLASS 2010-2011 FINAL EVALUATION—STUDY GUIDE NAME________________________________________________________

____________GRADE_______GROUP_____LIST No______ Instructions: Read carefully each question and select only one of the four possible answers. Instrucciones: Lee cuidadosamente cada pregunta y selecciona solo una de las cuatro posibles respuestas.

Read the dialogue and answer thenext questions: Peter and Jason are in the school auditorium waiting to begin classes. 1. Peter: —Do you Know that are thousands of people killed each year by car accidents? Jason: — ____________________________

5. Peter: —You have to watch on TV how to prevent those accidents. It’s very important. Jason: — ____________________________ A) B) C) D) 6. May not. of course not. don't forget it.Thanks for your advice

A) Why does he care? B) Of course that is safe. C) Are they very dangerous? D) It is perhaps the worst 2. Peter: —What do you think people should do to avoid getting killed? Jason: — ____________________________ A) Follow directions from the police B) What do they kill about? C) You’d better go to bed. D) Are you mad? 3. Peter: —Do you know a way to avoid those accidents?Jason: — ____________________________ A) Don’t drive drunk B) You shouldn't take lemonade. C) Don’t approach to sick people. D) Don’t question, please. 4. Peter: —Do you think that taking driving lessons is effective? Jason: — ____________________________ A) People don’t like cars B) It’s brought from abroad C) It must avoid accidents D) It’s very lazy. 7.

Peter: —And, what about your Frenchclass Jason? Jason: — I don’t know. I think I have problems. _________________________. The teacher speaks too fast. A) B) C) D) It’s what I like. It’s not easy to understand. It’s fine for me It’s the best, it’s very easy.

Peter: —You must read daily the newspaper in French and watch movies in French on TV. Jason: — ______________________. I also work in the afternoons. A) B) C) D) What are youdoing? Don’t you have anything else to do? Learning French is very easy. Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t have time


Peter: —It’s better to go, the class is going to begin. Jason: — You go. _____________________ My leg hurts really bad. Peter: —Oh Jason! Why don’t you go to the doctor? Jason: — You’re right. A) B) C) D) I must go to the infirmary . I go in a while. I have a classSorry I’m early. The class must wait. If we are late, nothing happens.



Peter: —Have a nice day, get well soon. Jason: — Thanks, I hope so.__________. A) Good soon. B) Maybe you are here. C) Don’t look back. D) See you.


Read the following paragraph and answer the next question.

Read the text and answer the next three questions. Welcome to Marina del Rey Park —a great day outfor the family—. You are listening to an automated telephone information service. For prices, press 1 For schedule hours, press 2 For information for food, press 3 For information about the park’s attractions, press 4 For information about how to get to Marina del Rey Park, press 5 10. If you want to know how fun is the park, you must press number A) C) 11. 1 4 B) D) 2 5

This is a very busyplace and there are a lot of activities to do. There are many different hotels, big ones and small ones, and this is a popular place with tourists and business people. People have not problem finding what they need. You can ski, swim and diving. There are also travel agencies, bars, clubs and plenty of restaurants. What the above description is for? A) A hospital center B) An ocean resort C) Asoccer stadium D) A shoping mall 15. Complete the dialogue with the option to select what men and women do. Mrs. Carroll: —Hi Mark! Is your Aunt at home? Mark: — Yes, she is. But she’s in the kitchen now. Mrs. Carroll: —What’s she doing? Mark: — She’s _____________________. Mrs. Carroll: —Oh, I see. Is your Uncle at home too? What’s he doing? Mark: —He’s very busy. He’s _________. A) cooking...
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