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Spring 2010 English 2 – Final Exam Study Guide

Topics that will appear on exam:
1. Simple Present 7. First Conditional
2. Future Forms 8. Superlatives
3. Comparatives 9.Present Perfect + for/since
4. Sim. Past vs. Past Prog. 10. Present Perfect + ever/never
5. Too/enough (complaints) 11. Present Perfect + just
6. Modals (ability, rules) 12. Use(d) toII. READER: “The Wizard of Oz” (whole book)
III. SKILLS: There will be Reading, Listening, and Writing sections.

Exam Practice Questions

I. Simple Present
Write the verb in parenthesis in theSimple Present.

1. We usually ________________________ (not eat) in the school.
2. You ______________________ (be) a beautiful person.
3. Homero _____________________ (not help) with thework in his house.
4. Today ______________________ (not be) a good day!
5. The teacher usually ______________________ (put) a happy face on my quizzes.
6. Irwin ______________________ (not be) aPrepa student.
7. My parents usually ____________________________ (not take) a vacation in July.
8. Beto always _________________________ (watch) television in his bedroom.
9. My boyfriend________________________ (not go) to this school.
10. My favorite class _________________________ (be) English!

II. Future Forms (“will” vs. “am/is/are going to”)
Write the verb in parenthesis in thecorrect future form, according to the context.

1. When this exam is finished, we definitely ____________________ (have) a coffee in the cafeteria!
2. If you work very fast, maybe we_____________________ (not have) class tomorrow.
3. Hilda had a 40 in this partial. She probably ______________________ (not pass) the class.
4. When I finish the university, maybe I _____________________(work) in my father’s company.
5. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. I don’t know if I ___________________ (be) in class.
6. Monica probably ____________________ (change) to a...
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