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Lengua Adicionada al Español. 1.

Profesora: Juanita Roman Loyo.

Especialidad: Administración.

Materia: Lengua Adicionada al Español1.

Nombre del Alumno: Ethel Vanessa Zamudio Sanchez.

Escuela: Saeti .

Fecha de entrega: 03 de Octubre del 2009.

Turno: Sabatino.

Periodo: Agosto / Octubre del 2009.

Lengua Adicional al Español 1.

Profesora: Juanita Ramon Loyo.Especialidad: Administración.

Materia: Lengua Adicional al Español 1.

Nombre del Alumno: Jessica Karen Zamudio Sanchez.

Escuela: Saeti .

Fecha de entrega: 03 de Octubre del 2009.

Turno: Sabatino.

Periodo: Agosto / Octubre del 2009.

Ejercicio; Escribe el verbo en su forma correcta.

Present Past Past Participle
see sawseen
go went gone
meet met met
give gave given
buy bought bought
come come come
drink drank drank
eatate eaten
do did done

.=Cambie la oracion a negativo y en forma de pregunta.Puede escribir la oracion con o sin contracciones.Asegure que escribio el punto o signo de interrogación al final.

2.They are from Mexico.


They are not from Mexico.


¿Are They from Mexico?

3.She isfrom China.


She is not from China.


Is she from China.

4.We are students.

We are not students.
¿Are we students?

5. He is a teacher.

He is not a teacher.

¿Is he a teacher?

6. You are a student.

You are not a student.

¿Are you a student?


Completa los espacios enblanco.

1. under-skirt = a short garment hanging from the waist .
mini sub under on in

2. non natural = not existing in nature.
Extra giga non over super

3. tiny –budget = a very small sum of Money allocated for a particular purpose.
Under tiny sub mini midi

4. mini- lectura= a short speech thatis open to the public.
Mega meta midi mini over

5. sub-graph = a drawing illustrating the relations among many various quantities.
Giga macro micro over sub

6. mini series = a short serialized seto f programs.
Midi sur under ir mini

7. micro economics = the Branch of social science that délas Jit the use of scarce resources.Super micro mega macro giga

8. note computer = small-sized digital computer.
Mini note subb tiny under

9. super –bero = a man distinguished by excepcional courage, nobility and strength.
Over extra giga super extra
10. sub –expedition= short journey organizad for a particular purpose.
Mini sub super tiny under

Lee lassiguientes frases, y escribe otra frase con un significado parecido a la primera. Sigue el ejemplo.

You must drink water to live. / You can t live without drinking water.

1. He plays fooball very well.
He s good at football.

2. She wouldn t let me pay the bill.
She insisted on pay the bill her self.

3. I apréciate the Money you lent me.
6Thank you for the Money Irecived from you.

4. Is golf the only sport you play?
Resides golf , are there any other sports you play?

5. It took me two years to learn to swim.
Alter two years I succeeded in swimming

Usa el pronombre adecuado:

1)My mother has a dog, it is mine (mio).
2)That is not my book, it is hers (de ella).
3)The radio on the table is theirs (de ellos)....
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