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Hey parents...

The document entitled "Hey parents" is a press article taken from the International Herald Tribune written by Inayat Singh and published on 8th Frebuary 2008.
It deals with videogames and their impact on people's lifes, mostly young people. To some extent it focuses on education which is a topical issue nowadays.
The author of the article is Inayat Singh a teenager, offifteen years old.
From the start we are told about his passion for video games, as a matter of fact he started when he was about four, that was the time when he was given his first video game console.
Wecan see that is knowledge about games is obvious since he can list a great deal of them on the market such as the Sega Master System 2 or the strange one named Vice City.
From four to fifteen,Inayat has been playing video games so much, that he has become an expert at them and he even confesses that he had a good time with his monsters and aliens.
We can quote line 15 "...emptyingout...alien's face". Throughout this testimony Inayat Singh points out the way games influence some teenagers. The verbs "stab, shoot, murderer" refer to that violent and hostile atmosphere. It's clear that theyare still a very topical issue.
To illustrate his point of view the author gives the case of two teenagers who were in the headline a few years ago.
The former Devin Moore murdered people"apparently after playing the game day and night for months" and the latter Cody Pasey went as far as murdering his father, step-mother, and step-sister. Inayat says that Cody had played the games"obsessively".
All the same Inayat remains sceptical about such behaviours as being the direct consequence of video games. His question is clear: l.39-41. It's true that most of the children, for example, whowatch violent films on TV, do not go out and set to shooting the first person that turns up (ne se mettent pas à tuer, le premier venu une fois le film finit).

We won't say that some children are...
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