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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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They say old objects always have a story behind it, not to hide what happened previously. The story I am going to have is about a young man.
One morning in the town where he lived had a great auction due to the demolition of an old abandoned house and all valuables in it was would be sold.
The young was quick to see if he saw something that called his interest. He thoughtthat was a good idea would be to find something that will serve as a living room and could not be a simple decoration.
Arriving at the auction he saw old books, a spider lamp and some cabinets, but nothing that called your attention. The bidding started until suddenly he saw a rocking chair; by simple he saw, it was perfect for the lounge corner. So of be fighting for that thing, he found to buyit.
When he arrived at home, opened the box her contained and placed it on the place had prepared for it. Convenient, comfortable and cheap, it was perfect for both reading and sleep hours.
The days spent feeling proud of good purchase that he did, because he ate and took his little nap or it sometimes was a place to read any book, rocking hours and hours.

In a stormy night he heard rustlingof wood, but thought that the roar was generated by the street trees, he went to sleep, because in the morning he had to be early to go to work.
The next day he had his life as usual, until the night arrived and returning to hear that strange sound, producing by the storm or wind; ringing in the interior of the House. He came down to see what was happening, but everything was calm; he wasdreaming it was the safest because it was at three and a half in the morning.

Time spent doing more repetitive when it was three in the morning, he went downstairs and he revised all, looked at every corner, but it was nothing.
One night he could not fall asleep and he was reading so late. It was three in the morning and he was in his reading, turning pages and more pages when he stood for a glass ofwater.
While he was in the kitchen he heard the noise that made him nervous, because he did not know from where came, noting that in front of his eyes the rocking chair was moved incessantly. But wind wasn`t blowing anywhere and what was most curious when he was near of the rocking chair, It stopped sharply. The boy could not believe what he saw; he thought that he had read too and it was everyproduct of his imagination.
The next day he went to the place where he bought the rocking chair to look for answers to what happened, but no one could answer. He was to his house feeling that what happened last night was finally due to fatigue.
Giving the watch three in the morning was again heard that infernal noise. The boy didn`t left his astonishment, but this should end, it couldn`tcontinue, he had to get out urgently that furniture.
He went downstairs and he was ahead of the rocking chair, moved increasingly lighter. Without thinking he acted quickly looking for it , but suddenly when he went to take it, a shiver went through his body, to feel a hand put on his shoulder.
The next morning a coworker, who was surprise that he wasn't as every day, because it was always verypunctual and if he was ill, he always called to alert.

His coworker went to the house where the young lived, no one responded to calls from the bell until he saw that the door was open; he went inside, he couldn’t imagine that his eyes were seeing. He saw his partner died, sitting in the rocking chair, with the eyes out of their orbits, while he held his book.
The days passed since that ill-fatedevent, some people thought that he had died naturally, others committed that he committed suicide with a poison, but you are the only ones who can judge for yourselves; I indeed, I leave you with your own conclusions from all this while I auction an old rocking chair...

La historia
Dicen que los objetos antiguos siempre tienen una historia detrás, sin poder ocultar lo que pasó anteriormente....