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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Animated films open our eyes to new things and explore the realms of our imagination. There are neither limits nor restraints to what is possible in this form of medium. What makesanimated films so attractive to kids and young adolescents it’s the liberty of its characters and the difference in the world in which they live in. the connection that most cartoons have withanimals, nature and even within themselves expands their affinity to life. The different power, ability or magic makes them outcasts. The surreal world that is so similar to ours yet so different permits usto see different motifs, behaviors and are similar to a study case of the main character where we get to know them inside and out, to a point where it is no longer just a film, you are actually partof the storyline as well. It is possible to deliver a serious message in the medium of animation, because not only are the characters life-like but also their lives are similar to ours. Each film orcartoon delivers a message of friendship like Spongebob, of honor and love like Inuyasha, or of courage and loyalty like Pokemon. The only difference is that they use a more comic way and cartoon likecharacters to enhance such message. The strategies used by the authors are like those used by novel writers or screenwriters. They use ethos,pathos,metaphors and symbols. However, what makeseverything possible is the heroine and the many outstanding qualities that she/he posses such as humbleness, courage, strength, loyalty and so on. This character is important because it is the key indestroying evil. Evil is the hatred, vengeance, dishonesty, envy, etc. Each antagonist embodies some evil, and the main characters are benevolent at heart and show up some quality that is praised and admired.Animated films are a form of art but also an awareness effort; even if they are cartoon-like it does not mean it cannot deliver a serious message. There are mediocre movies, as there are animated...
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