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Halloween began in he British lsles and France. Many years before the birth of Christ, a group of people called Celts lived there. At the beginning of winter, the c,ehs had a testivaiin honor of theLond of the Dead. They believed that this god ruled the Earth in winter and that the ghosts of dead people ffime back to Earth on October 31, in the form of animafs. Théy very bad ghosts were blackcats. The Celts were afriad. They lit big fires on hills and tried to scare away the ghosts. lt was atime of fear and magic. It was the first Halloween.

Afterthe birth of Christ, the romans ruledBritain. They had a harvest festival at the beginning of wlnter. They brought gifts of apples and nuts for the go - Cess of gardensThey míxed their customs wlth the customs of the Celts.
Thenthristianity carne" The Christians had a holiday on Nove¡'nber 1 too. tt was All Hallows" orAil daints. Day. The evening before this day was All Hallows Eve. Later it was cptled u

"Ffalloween"Halloween has mixture of customs from holidays of magic and the harvest. Blackwas the color of deatl"r. OrarrEe was the color of the harvest. Black and orange became the colors of halloween.
People fromthe British lsles brought their Hatloween customs to the United States- ln tne ig cer'*tury, they celebrated Hafloween with hayrhJes and parties. Children danced arounb big ñres. They popped mrn,bobbed for apples, end told ghost stories' They ptayed trickJtoo. they cñanSpd Eod slgns, rernoved gates, let out cots and pigs, put wagons on roofs, and rubbed soap on widows. Aduhs gave treats to-theyoung of beopteltfren they promised not to play tricks. This was the beginning of the custorn trick- or- treating In United States today. children d¡.ess up in costumes on Halloween . they go trick ortreating and get candy, apples ar¡d nuts. $orne chlldren go from house to house and collect money for UNICEF fund. tJnfodunate$, hallowee¡"r is sometirfies dangerous. Young people destroy proprty...
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