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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Voice recognition, speech, music synthesis

VR Stamp™ Toolkit

Antoine Authier & Guy Raedersdorf

Sensory® has been well-known for over five years for itsmodules that make it possible to add voice recognition to an electronic product. As so often the case in electronics, things are evolving very fast. We were lucky enough to have the latest baby fromthe Sensory stable, the VR Stamp™ Toolkit, arrive on our desk. Let’s take a little look at what it has to offer.
Let’s start right away by clearing up a puzzle – what do the two letters VR mean inthe prefix of the various Sensory® products? Well, they’re quite simply the acronym for Voice Recognition. minutes to be able to create a voice module. Another attraction of this approach is itssupport for different languages (up till now, we’ve generally been limited to just English), making it possible to envisage creating products practically anywhere in the world. The box is a realtreasure-chest: a mother board with ZIF socket for the VR Stamp Module and a serial EEPROM allowing data to be re-written, a power supply, a pair of CD-ROMs, a USB cable, and even a USB dongle (!) used toprotect the compiler.

What’s it for?
The VR Stamp™ from Sensory fulfils a triple rôle: to give any kind of product a voice recognition capability, to make it possible for it to ‘speak’, and lastly,to give it the capacity to synthesize music. The VR Stamp is the first speech module (combining voice recognition and speech generation) to use the Quick T2SI (Text To Speaker Independent) technologyfrom Sensory – not at all surprising, since it is the intellectual property of this company. It takes no more than a few

Piggy-back board
In the first photo (Figure 1) we see the VR Stamp™Toolkit, which serves as a support for the VR Stamp™ proper, i.e. the VR Stamp™ Module.


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