High performers

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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2010
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High Performers.-

My opinion about the article:

Motivating High-calibre Staff


This article is about the high performers as working in an organization, as defined, which havecharacteristics and above all is the way it works.

I thought it was interesting because I had no idea they meant and what their motivation factors when working.

Referred to in this article, we talk aboutqualities which are: do Things quickly and effectively with Energy and Enthusiasm, creative ideas agreeing skills.

And for a good boss, kept his high performer, which not wants to face theproblems: the financial impact, expensive cost for training, lost productivity and inspiration.

These are some of motivation factors for these high performers:

• money

• Empowerment

•Force for new talent

• The challenge of the job

in the absence of these qualities, then it could be called high performers; because they would not do their job, now the company its going tospent too much money on training new people and the only factor that would boost: money


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The universal question appears to be "How Do I FindHigh Performers for My Company?" And it seems to get more focus and debate everyday.
First let's deal with a myth that Hiring High Performers is impossible. The reason is there are so few - by someestimates less than 1% of the population. Well, while I don't want to debate the issue of just how many high performers are there in your market. The real issue is "Can you Top Grade Your Staff?" Canyou find the best fit for a position at this moment in time.
The answer is Yes you can. However, to do this you must know exactly what traits a job needs to be successful. Notice I did not say theperson - I said the job. The job is the important part of the equation. What traits are necessary for the job to be success is the most overlooked and undervalued piece of the puzzle. I hear things...