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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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had a look ... One day at school the curly hair girl spoke with her best friend but she saw an arm & curly hair girl pounced on it by putting a young crying bitten by themagnitude of the attack shocked her friend came out ullendo asked what ISISTAN? esque answer-nose it is not happening to me when I see an arm checked out.
the friend went on his way next class wingat that place and watched his friend when attacked in the middle class derrepente another partner but in this occasion it had been leaving a mark of all the bite.
The girl with the curly hair to seewhat had made the teacher ran off to see the brutality of what had happened he sent for the closest friends and her friend being there to get started Hasia comment on what your friend probably had amental disorder that it was best to take it with a specialist before she committed a folly or she left hurt.
the next day ... the girl in school walked rizadomientras hair saw the arm of one of hiscompanions but this young man was not like the other was known as the most aggressive for no reason but she did not care & pounced on that arm, at the time teeth she nail the throw a punch in the facegiving shock thrusting until she let go of clinging & knock off a piece of meat, the friend was frightened by seeing the teacher's re trying to hit young girl with curly hair wing so it had alreadypassed the teacher pounced on the young to avoid another meeting other young people passing by grabbed the distraught young teacher furious charge to the hospital at two and being there the teacher talkto the girl with curly hair, asking him why he did that, she answered, not only do it for pleasure. the teacher afraid to call her parents and the hospital told them about the evil that had herdaughter and parents careless plane crash wing gave the teacher.
The teacher noticed and showed them the extent to which his daughter had arrived, showed the young man who was recovering in the next room,...
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