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*TEACHER: Arturo Asael Alanis Ayala *GRADE: third *GROUPS: third A ,B,C

*SUBJECT: language skills *THEME: Unit 5 personalities
To introduce the students to the grammar related to
To teach vocabulary related to
To introduce the Students to the use of listening sub-skills in the topic of
To increase the studentsrange of vocabulary and grammar resource in the context of
To improve the student’s ability to

|The teacher will present vocabulary related |The SS willsolve the exercises on the board |The exercise on the book and the |The workbook for the | |
|to the topic and then he will explain the |and later on they will complete the |workbook will be checked and later on|grammar and listening | |
|meaning of the unfamiliar words.|exercises on their books and notebooks. |they will be stamped with the |practice | |
| | |teachers signature , these stamps | | |
|The teacherwill pre-teach the vocabulary to | |will later on will be counted and | | |
|be encountered in the text and then clarify |The SS will try to predict what kind of |serve as a component for class work|The Student´s book for the||
|the questions on the topic. |information will be present in the text and | |presentation of vocabulary | |
| |later on they will be exposed to the text |All written work will be corrected |and the setting ofthe | |
| |and check their predictions as well as to solve |and checked at the end of the |context for listening | |
|The teacher will provide a set of sentences |the tasks on the book. |lesson.|activities | |
|with mistakes and then focus on the usage of | | | | |
|the grammar. |SS will solve the exercises on the book as ||The notebook for the mind| |
| |soon as they complete the tasks set by the | |maps and the personalized | |
| |teacher, later on there will be acommunicative|The composition will |activities that may come | |
| |activity that will recycle the grammar in the|be set as homework and it will be |from the vocabulary and | |
|The teacher will present the sts. With the |lesson....
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