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* Ride your bike or walk to school.
* Use last year's school supplies.
* Buy a canvas and cardboard binders instead of plastic.
* Buy recycled paper.
* Use reusable water bottlesinstead of plastic.
* Use a lunch box, not paper bags.
* Donate last year's clothes instead of throwing them away.
* Buy online to avoid driving.
* Buy organic food.
* Turn yourcomputer off when you're not using it.
* Decorate your lunchbox.
* Make your own bookmarks.
* Organize a clothes swap with your friends.
* Carpool to sports.
* Use refillable pens andpencils.
* Reuse your backpack. Decorate it with cool patches.
Follow these tips and you might score a perfect attendance record this year!
1. Wash your hands with soap and water after yousneeze, cough, or use the bathroom. Count to 20 or sing a couple of rounds of Row, Row, Row Your Boat while you scrub! 
2. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water aren't available.3. Use a tissue when you need to sneeze or cough. Throw your tissues in the trash—don't attempt a Guinness World Record for the biggest pile of dirty tissues!
4. If you can't stifle a cough orsneeze in a tissue quickly enough, sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
5. Take a multi-vitamin every day.
6. Don't share water bottles or drinks. Your friend might not know he or she is sickand spread germs to you.
7. Don't share your hair brush or hat. Little creatures like head lice could be hiding out and could be passed on from one person to another.
8. Stay home fromschool, sports practice, and parties if you feel sick or have a fever.
9. Wash your dishes with detergent and very warm water to kill germs.
10. Stay away from family gatherings and reunions ifyou are sick or if one of your family members is sick. Grandma and Grandpa and younger cousins may have a stronger reaction to the illness than you do.
11. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. A...