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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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LD Series Multi-function Electronic Balance

Models:LD110-1 LD210-1 LD310-1 LD510-1 LD610-1

LD110-2 LD210-2 LD310-2 LD510-2 LD610-2

LD1100-1 LD2100-1 LD3100-1 LD5100-1 LD6100-1

LD1100×1 LD2100×1 LD3100×1 LD5100×1 LD6100×1


Dear user: Thank you for choosing our products. This document is designed to provide you with information about this product, please open the outerpacking, read it carefully and keep it properly. Please check the optional components according to packing list.

*Our company has the ultimate power to interpret the instructions. *If there are technical changes, we won’t notice you. *Without the prior written permission of our company, the instructions cannot be reproduced in any way or translated into other languages.


Content 1.Introduction 2. The structure of balance 2.1. The external view of balance 2.2. The front screen view of balance 2.3. Display 3. LD Series Electronic Balance’s environmental requirements and specifications 3.1 Environmental requirements 3.2 Specifications 3.3 Optional choice 4. Operation 4.1 Preparation 4.2 Calibration 4.3 Weighing unit exchange 4.4 Weighing 4.4.1 General weighing mode 4.4.2 Weighingwith container 4.4.3 Incremental quantity weighing 4.4.4 Weight difference weighing 4.4.5 Piece counting mode 4.4.6 Percentage weighing mode 4.4.7 Hanger for below-balance weighing (Optional choice) 5. Parameter setting 5.1 Parameter setting table 5.2 Parameter setting adjusting method 6. RS232 Interface(Optional choice) 6.1 Transmission form: asynchronous transmission 6.2 Data output mode 6.3 Dataoutput format 6.4 How judge stable output or unstable output 6.5 Command control 6.6 Connection of balance and external device 7. Care and Maintenance 8. Guarantee repair 9. Packing list


1. Introduction
This manual is taking LD5100-1 as an example to explain how to use the balance. The features: l Super large LCD screen display, it is clear and easy to be read l Fast weighing, the speedof weighing is from a dozen times to scores of times faster than general mechanical balance l It is easy to operate, weigh directly l High intelligence: within the weighing range you can tare, zero clearing and accumulated weighing; over loading display and fault alarm l Built-in hanger for below-balance weighing (Optional choice) l Malfunction, such as ct and oz units exchange, piece counting,percentage weighing etc. l In order to print the weighing data off through the printer or input the data to computer or other external devices, the comparator can have the optional choice of RS-232 interface.

2. The structure of balance
2.1 The external view of balance


Pan arrester

Top cabinet Low cabinet Model display Adjustable feet



RS232 interface

LabelPower socket

2.2 The front screen view of balance

Level indicator


Cal Print

Tare Mode


Display Display sign g ct lb oz % O --End-Err--0 Err--1 E -E …….. Meaning Gram Carat Pound Ounce piece counting mode percentage mode stable indicator calibration is ended when calibration is “0” error Wrong calibration weight or other problem over the capacity under the readabilitybalance is processing data

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

3. LD Series Electronic Balance’s environmental requirements and specifications
3.1 Environmental requirements l l l Put the balance on a stable and fixed operating platform The operating platform should not be affected by excessive air flow caused by open window or a door The operating platform should not be affected byvibration. Four corners of the room are affected by vibration very little, perfect for setting up the operating platform Do not put the balance in direct sunshine Do not put the balance near heater or air conditioner Do not put the balance in areas where the danger of explosion exists Do not put the balance under raining or use water to clean, if there is water on the balance you should use dry cloth...
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