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Name of the show: Who want´s to be a trillion ire
The name is a show of answers and questions. The questions are from to many themes.
The person who answer correctly 3 questions isthe winner
Host: Miguel Angel Roman Gonzalez
Contestants: Pedro Gabriel-Diana Belen
1-. What is the last videogame of the series of Halo?
a) Halo 2
b) Halo 3c) Halo Legends
d) Halo Reach
2-.What is the capital of Brasil?
a) Sao Paulo
b) Rio de Janeiro
c) Brasilia
d) Buenos Aires
3-.What is the most popular characterof Nintendo?
a) Mario
b) Luigi
c) Barney
d) Barbie
4-.Who is the president of U.S.A.?
a) Barack Obama
b) George Bush
c) Bill Clinton
d) John F. Kennedy5-.When was the attack to the World Trade Center in New York?
a) 15 of July of 1997
b) 16 of September of 1999
c) 11 of September of 2001
d) 30 of February of 20096-.Who are the members of The Beatles?
a) John-Paul-Ringo-Alex
b) Ringo-Jonas-George-Michael
c) Ringo-George-Paul-John
d) Gandhi-Hitler-Bush-Mahoma
7-.Whats the nameof the show?
a) Conversation Homework
b) English Class
c) Questionarie
d) Who wants to be a trillionaire?
8-.What is the biggest mammal?
a) Blue whale
b) Rinoc) Elephant
d) Giraffe
9-.Who is the richest man?
a) Carlos Slim
b) Bill Gates
c) Samuel Jackson
d) Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
10-.If you have 5 minutesof live, what will you do? You win if the answer is more beautiful, good, and cool than the other
Topic: The questions were of all the things, very easy, if you don’t win you are anidiot. There cant be draws or ties.

Miguel Angel Roman Gonzalez
Diana Aguilar
Hiram Alvarez Acevedo
Gabriel Valdez Flores

Conversation Class

Who wants to be a trillionaire?
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