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Listen to the conversation. Read the sentences. Then listen again and circle the word or phrase that correctly completes each sentence:

Example: Mark saw Ellen/ Janet at the mall.

1.Mark/Ellen is sure that Janet will shape up.

2. Janet and Ellen’s parents treated their daughters the same/differently.

3. Janet and Ellen’s parents are more strict/ lenient with Janet than theywere with Ellen.

4. Ellen was a rebellious/ well-behaved teenager.

5. Janet is more disrespectful / overprotective of her parents’ rules than Ellen was.

6. Ellen’s parents wereoverprotective/ lenient with her because about her safety.

7. Mark thinks Janet is too lenient/ a little spoiled.

Write the noun from of each verb or adjective on the line:

Example: different= Diference

8. Happy = Happiness

9. Expect = Expectation

10. Responsible = Responsability

11. Develop = development

12. Important = Importance

Combine each pair ofsentences into one new sentence. Use repeated comparatives.

Example: The birthrate is low now. It was not as low before.

The birthrate is getting lower and lower.

13. Lifeexpectancy is high now. It was not as high before.

The life Expectancy is getting Higher and Higher

14. Divorce is common now. It was not as common before.

Divorce is moreand more Common

15. People are working longer hours now. They did not work such long hours before.

People is working longer and longer hours now.

16. Health care is good now. It wasnot as good before.

Health care is getting better and better.

Combine each pair of sentences into one new sentence. Use double comparatives.

Example: Cause: Couples are waiting longerto have children.

Effect: Couples are having fewer children.

The longer couples wait to have children, the fewer they have.

17. Cause: People are...
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