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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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My sister

I can't imagine my life without her, she is called Celia and she is two years older than me.
She is quite tall, she has a lovely long, straight black hair, normally, her hair is alittle bit darker than mine but she likes to experiment so she dyes it.
Celia is very pretty and attractive, everything looks great on her. She has big, dark eyes with a honey tone which surrounds thedark circle that covers the pupils. She is very tanned, she always has a sparking tone in her skin.
She has not got any defined style, she can change her hair and her cloth but she would always lookamazing, she likes every kind of cloth but she prefers a pair of jeans and a baggy sweeter.

My sister has lots of friends because she is very sincere, honest and hilarious. Everyone enjoys hercompany.
Celia is very extrovert and outgoing, she has a splendid sense of humor... but sometimes she does not get my jokes!
As she is the elder sister she would have to take care of me, but mostof the time we don't follow that rule.
Two years ago, we went to Liverpool, we were living in the same neighborhood but in diferent houses, every morning, when I was already prepare to leave, I hadyo go to her house and take her out of bed! She is a little bit lazy.
Celia is intelligent, she has very good marks and she has lots of skills, playing the guitar, she is very good on horse riding,surfing... Her favorite part of the day is the Coffee Time, after studying, she goes out with some friends to Los Italianos, this a lovely and cute cafeteria which is near her residence.

At themoment she is studding Medice at Salamanca's University, she loves the city and me too, so hopefully, next year I'll be there with her.
She is a very good sister, sometimes she made me happy,sometimes made me really angry, sometimes we might fight but we love to each other, and she always helps me even with my homework. We have already lived lots of adventures and we will live more and more.
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