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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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Lo que esta tachado esta mal, lo que esta en rojo esta correjido. Intenta usar palabras que conozcas dentro del vocabulario ingles. ACUERDATE QUE LAS ‘’Y’’ VAN TODAS EN MAYUSCULA EN INGLES!!Adeu!

We had to leave at 6 am to arrive at 9.
But When we were already in France we got lost by the way. Finally we arrived at half past ten.
At the ski resort we made cross-coutryskiing and we did snowshoe hiking, I didn’t like any of both activities .

We arrived at 7:08 in the evening, we were very tired, they gaved us and i gave us the bungalows and we played with the2nd of ESO students.
I have to recoocer recognize that the food was not very richgood but I was so hungry in the state where I was I that I ate everything .

In the evening we went to bungalowbut the 3rd of ESO students and those of the 1st of ESO students didn’t leave us in peace i at the end we had to keep an eye on the door because they wanted to enter get in. When thy stoppedwith the door The door when they stopped a they jumped jump i walk through the bathroom window we were of stone we were stonned, after we coud make then get them out but volviron they came again. iso every night.We had this situation every night.
Last night we went to the disco had club were all but me and my friend didn’t go i i a friend we stayed because there was TV.
Then cometh twoguys boys (GUYS LO PONDRIAS PARA CHICOS DE 17, 18, 19...) camed and watched TV with us i stayed watching TV lugo came all the boys bungalob + 1st, 2 mattresses put in front of the TV i we stretchafter all the girls of the bungalob came and so the boys. We leaved in the floor two matresses in front of the TV and we layed down. It was difficult to fit but we managed to fit. That was the lastnight no cavies but we managed to caver (an enzyme in the other). that was last night.
the next morning we went back to the Molina . Despues After eating i went to the bus back to school.
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