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Tell me as much as you can about the following characters: Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull, Mr and Mrs Wormwood.

Miss Honey: She was the Teacher of Matilda. She was kind and a very good person and shewas friend of Matilda. She helped to Matilda to be cleverer. She lived in a small house because he hadn't got money.

Miss Trunchbull: She was the head teacher of Matild's school. She was a verybad person and he hurt the childrens when they didn't know the answers of her questions. She was Miss Honey's aunt and she lived in the beautiful house of Miss Honey's father.

Mr Wormwood: He was thefather of Matilda but he wasn't interested in her daughter Matilda. He didn't like books and he was always watching TV. He worked selling cars. He wasn't honest because he bought old cars and he soldit very expensive.

2 - Answer the following questions.

- Why is Matilda a special child from the beginning of the story?

Because she can read large books, she can spell and she can multiplyvery good.

- When does she go to school?

When she was five and half years old.

- How does she surprise her school teacher, Miss Honey?

Matilda said to Miss Honey that she could read largebooks, she can multiply by large numbers and she can read. Any children in her class could multiply.

- Why does Miss Honey visit Matilda's parentes? How does Matilda's parents react?

BecauseMiss Honey want to say to Matilda's parents that their daughter is very clever.

Matild's parents wasn't interested in their daughter and they prefer TV than books. They think that their daughter won'tbe a special girl reading books.

- Can you explain the story about Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake very briefly?

Miss Trunchbull said that Bruce Bogtrotter had eaten her chocolate cake.She punished the boy and she said that Bruce had to eat all of very big chocolate cake. Bruce ate the cake without problems. All the children were surprised.

- What is special about Matilda's...
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