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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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Technologies used in the social networks

If we observe the composition of the social networks, we can distinguish clearly that the technological foundations on which they are based are a"summary" of applications of a common use in the only site.

In almost all the cases technologies are used as the e-mail and similar protocols to be able to rise or lower information simpler; already bephotos or information about some profile, and to instantaneous messenger company, also called "chat", it is possible to find in the great majority of the same ones.
The social networks known mas are:Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Mybloglog, Myspace, Youtube, Tumblr And the first social Venezuelan network Plaxed.

On the other hand all the social networks point at the same thing, in spite of doing itof different ways: the relation between the users; to establish new contacts and to exchange information between the same ones are fundamental props of all these sites.

The cellular ones areturning into a source of access to the social networks. Nowadays there is developing an increasing quantity of applications that point at it, and they allow to the users to develop his activities as ifthey were connected from the computer.

Probably this point of relation between the social networks and the mobile phones continues developing, with capacities and functionalities that improvefurthermore the possibilities of connection from such devices.

and some further research to replicate Milgram's findings found that the degrees of connection needed could be higher. Academic researcherscontinue to explore this phenomenon as Internet-based communication technology has supplemented the phone and postal systems available during the times of Milgram. A recent electronic small worldexperiment at Columbia University found that about five to seven degrees of separation are sufficient for connecting any two people through e-mail.
Collaboration graphs can be used to illustrate good...
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