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ACROSS1. Any nonliving factor in an organism's environment, such as soil, water, temperature, and lightavailability.4. Heterotroph that decomposes organic material and returns the nutrients to soil, air, and water, making the nutrients available to other organisms.
6. Processin which fixed nitrogen compounds are converted back into nitrogen gas and returned to the atmosphere.
7. Scientific study of all the interrelationships between organisms andtheir environment.
8. Large group of ecosystems that share the same climate and have similar types of communities.
10. Symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefitsand the other organism is neither helped nor harmed.
11. Heterotroph that eats only plants.
13. Organism that cannot make its own food and gets its nutrients and energyrequirements by feeding on other organisms; also called a consumer.
14. Total mass of living matter at each trophic level.
15. Model that shows many interconnected food chains andpathways in which energy and matter flow through an ecosystem.
| 16. Exchange of matter through the biosphere involving living organisms, chemical processes, and geologicalprocesses.DOWN1. Organism that captures energy from sunlight or inorganic substances to produce its own food; provides the foundation of the food supply for other organisms; alsocalled a producer.2. Heterotroph that preys on other heterotrophs.
3. All the interacting populations of different species that live in the same geographic location at thesame time.
5. Biological community and all the nonliving factors that affect it.
9. Physical area in which an organism lives.
12. Anything that takes up space and has mass. |
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