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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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STUDENTS: Alcántara Mundo Atziri Nataly
Estrada Alcántara Diego
Gutierrez nicolas KarlaDaniel


CLASS: English Class, Nivel One


Daniel.- Hey today is my birthday!!! Ohh my friends are together for come inTelefono.- Rin Ring… Atziri.- Hello! Hey Diego today is very special for you happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!!, say me, the gays are with you???
Diego.- Thanks Atziri, no they didn´t here.Could you call to the gays please? I wanted that they were here .
Atziri.- Ok! I call them. Bye see you later Diego!
Diego.- Ok bye
Puerta.- Toc Toc..
Diego.- Who is? Wow my friends! I thoughtthey would not come.
Karla.- Hello Diego! How are you?
Diego.- Very Well thanks and you?
Karla.- i´m ok thanks!
Atziri.- Look they are here
Karen.- Yes, my cousin was with me, I didn´t stay aloneAtziri.- Ok then start the party!
Brisa.- I bright this sodas, I like it hamburguers! Ahm… what is that??
Karla.- Is a new television and the radio for dance
Karla.- Atziri is with her parentsI don’t meet they
Karla.- Atziri is your father?
Atziri.- yes! Look… this is my dad, Dad this is Karen
Karla,. Ok, nice too meet you
Father.- Nice too meet you to Karen

Diego.- Hello! howare you gays?
Brisa.- Fine Thank you, and you?
Diego.- I’m ok thanks
Daniel.- Gays this is my girlfriend her name is Veronica
Daniel.- Brisa this is Erika, Veronica this is Brisa. Atziri this isVeronica, Hi Erika I’m 19 years old , Veronica this is Brisa Hi veronica I’m 18 years old. Diego and Karla, the same. Diego and Karla.- Nice too meet you Veronica!
Karla.-Veronica, How old are you?
Erika.- I’m 18 years old
Diego.- Where do you live?
eRIKA.- I live in Mexico City
Atziri.- Could you give me your phone number please?
Veronica.- yes! Is 5534567898...
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