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Recreation is defined as all activities and situations that cause enjoyment, through it. There are different kinds of activities almost endless recreation opportunities thatexist today, especially because each person can discover and develop interests in various forms of recreation and amusement. The recreation is usually done through the creation of spaces in whichindividuals can participate freely according to their interests and preferences.

These kinds of activities can be developed both in doors and outdoors spaces. Clear examples of the former would beall sorts of activities to be performed in parks, plazas or in nature. For the second case, those options might be perfect recreational activities related to art, music, communication, theater, film anduse of next generation technologies. 

The Royal Spanish Academy defines recreation as action and effect as fun to recreate and work relief. Then they'll have to recreate it means to amuse,cheer or delight. In popular terms we call this entertainment fun too. 

The term comes from the Latin recreatie recreation, which means to restore and refurbish (the person). Hence, therecreation is considered an essential part of maintaining good health. The recreation allows the body and mind a "restoration" or renovation necessary for a longer life and better quality.Recreation Features

Positive Attitude. The recreation helps in people to change negative attitudes and goals trace this attitude may come to play.

Time activities.

Balancingbiological and social.

Better Quality Of Life.

Store for welfare. 

Reinforce the capacity of expression.

Developing creativity.

Motivate and provide forLeisure. 

Expand personal horizons 

Reply to individual needs.

Provide positive experiences. 

Types of Recreation 

Recreation can be active or passive. Active...
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