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G etting Started
Thank you for purchasing ScanSnap S1500/S1500M (hereinafter referred to as "the ScanSnap"). This manual
describes the preparation required for use of the ScanSnap. Follow the preparation procedures described in this
For features and functions, basic operations, daily care and consumable replacement of the ScanSnap, refer to the
Operator's Guidewhich is available on the Setup DVD-ROM. Keep this manual in a safe place so that you can
refer to it at any time when using the ScanSnap.
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Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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ABBYY and FineReader are trademarks of ABBYY.
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January 2012
© PFU LIMITED 2008-2012

Checking the Components
Make sure that all items shown below are included in the package.

AC cable (×1) (*)

ScanSnap (×1)

(this manual) (×1)

Safety Precautions

Carrier Sheet (×1)

AC adapter (×1)


Adobe® Acrobat®
DVD-ROM (×1)
(for S1500)

USB cable (×1)

Adobe® Acrobat®
DVD-ROM Set (×1)
(for S1500M)

Rack2-Filer (×1)
(Exclusive to S1500 with Rack2-Filer)

(*) The contents may vary depending on the country and the ScanSnap model purchased.
If any other packagingis provided, make sure to store it as well. Make sure to handle the components with care.
The box and packaging materials are required for storage and transportation of the ScanSnap. Do not throw them
If anything is missing or damaged, contact your FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner
service provider.


Read the Safety Precautions

Removing the ProtectivePackaging

Before using the ScanSnap, make sure to read and
understand the information provided in the "Safety
Precautions" document.

Follow the procedure described below to remove the
protective packaging before using the ScanSnap.


Symbols Used in This

Remove the binding tapes from the back
of the ScanSnap.

The following symbols are used in thismanual.



This indication alerts operators to an
operation that, if not strictly observed,
may result in safety hazards to
personnel or damage to the product.


This symbol alerts particularly
important information. Be sure to read
this information.
This symbol alerts operators to helpful
advice regarding operation.

Open the ADF paper chute (cover)(1),
and pull the tape to remove the protective
foam sheet (2) from the stacker. Open the
stacker (3) and pull the tape to remove the
protective sheet from the ADF top section
ADF paper chute (cover)

This symbol indicates operations using


This symbol indicates operations using
Mac OS.


Referring to the "Operator's


To refer to the"Operator’s Guide", insert the Setup DVDROM in to the DVD-ROM drive, and follow the procedure


Click the [Manuals] button in the [ScanSnap Setup] dialog
box, and then the [Operator's Guide] button.
Double-click the [Operator's Guide] icon in the
[ScanSnap] window.


ADF top


Pull the ADF release catch to open the
ADF top section, and pull the tape to
removethe protective card.

Installing the Software
Windows® Installation (page 3)
Mac OS Installation (page 5)

ADF top section
Do not connect the ScanSnap to your computer
before installing the software.

card and tape

When you export the data scanned by ScanSnap
to your mobile device, download ScanSnap
Connect Application for mobile from an
application store (such as the...
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