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What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is a collections of words in one or more specific languages ,
Listed alphabetically with usage information , definitions , etymologies
Phonetics , andpronunciations further each word may have multiple
Meanings . Some dictionaries include each separated meaning in order
Of most common usage

Types of dictionaries

There are several types ofdictionaries, according to their function and their use .


They briefly explain the meaning of the words of a particular language.


Provide information on the origin of thewords.

Synonyms and antonyms:

These dictionaries are related words of similar meaning and opposite, to facilitate the choice of these when drafting.


Dictionaries are indicating theequivalent words in another language.


These dictionaries are dedicated to words or terms belonging to a particular technical or field for example: computer, gardening, engineeringcomputing


These dictionaries sort grammatical structures use for people who are learning a foreign language.

What is the guide word ?

It is not a general dictionary whichcollects all kinds of terms in al fields. It is similar to this in that it is composed of terms or concepts and its definitions are arranged in alphabetical order, however it contains a list of wordsrelating to the same discipline, field of study, activity , topic, or area of knowledge.

Write 10 words related whit

Metodologia: methodology

Proceso: process

Sistema: systemComunicacion: communication

Diseño: desing

Tecnologia: technology

Computadora: computer

Analisis: analysis

Proyecto: project

In novacion: innovation


The dictionary is anessential part in our learning, we are clarifying in all our doubts with each reading and cultivating our understanding, as we move forward we move from the basic dictionary some more technical in which...
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