How an apple can succeed

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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2012
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How an apple can succeed

There are many reasons to consider the computer company Apple as the world’s leader. But after analyzing the different qualities that make Apple be somewhat different, wecan summarize its keys for success in three concepts: innovation, simplicity and memorability. And if there is something that reflects this reality, this is its slogan that goes along with the brandsince its inception. Two words that suggest the spirit and success of a brand that, year after year, is considered the number one in technology without the need to shade its competitors.

As notedabove, innovation is one of the strengths of this honeyed fruit. It looks simple and effective that in order to succeed and stand out among the rest, a company should provide good and attractiveproducts. Apple has always been the first one to do this. Since the creation of the first computer brand to the latest version of the iPhone, Apple has managed to give a special vision to its products, andits customers love it. An innovation that takes care about every detail, seeking perfection in ways that other brands have not considered so far.

And in order to achieve this high innovation level,one does not need to search for difficult and complex answers the product. A good example for this is the simplicity of all the devices and software created by the company. In addition to its powerand reliability, these are easy to use by anyone. This is possible because Apple prefers to respond to the needs of the people instead of developing a revolutionary product that is complex anddifficult to use. Therefore, concepts such as "simplicity", "a one-click", "plug and play" or "nice and easy" seem to be created for Apple’s products.

All these concepts are part of our technological worldthanks to the great work of Apple's advertising that the brand has held since its commencement, and this has helped make the brand memorable to its customers. Since the presentation of the famous...
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