How ipod's influence ours english language

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Before 1976
Jobs is hired by Hewlett-Packard as summer employee where he meets Steve Wozniak.
Wozniak is a brilliant engineer, a skill he usesfor constructing and selling illegal self-made devices, allowing the user to make free long-distance calls.
Jobs gets a job at Atari where meet Wayne worked before co-founding Apple Computeron April 1, 1976.
Jobs and Wozniak begin working on the Apple I in Jobs' bedroom. Every two weeks, they present their latest improvements of their design to the members of the HomebrewComputer Club.
Ron Wayne designs the first Apple logo
The Original Company Logo from 1976 depicts Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with the fateful apple glowing above his head.
The original apple wasstreamlined and given colored bars at Steve Jobs’ behest in order to “humanize the company”.
Jobs Decided To Remove The Color Bars in 1998
APPLE I (1976)
The current logo is now a typicaleasily reproduced in any color, at any size or shape.
Apple's first product was sold as an assembled circuit board, it lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case.
Initial cost:$666.66
The first personal computer to contain floppy ,an external 5MB hard drive.
Initial Cost: $9,995
One of the most successful Apple computers. Came with 64k of RAM.
Initial Cost:$1,395

iPOD 2001
*Is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple in October 2001.
*Develop by: Jon Rubinstein ,Tony Fadell, Michael Dhuey, and design engineer Jonathan Ive.
i*PodClassic: Have 6 generations.

iPod mini
2 generations
*Realease : 2004 smaller model with brigther colors.
*2005 Brighter color variants with longer battery life.

iPod Shuffle
*Realease : 2005 New entry-level model. Uses flash memory and has no screen.
*2006 Smaller clip design

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