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The World Customs Organization (WCO) is an international organization dedicated to helping member countries (usually represented by the respective customs) to cooperate and be notified eachother in customs matters. Founded in 1952 as the Customs Cooperation Council name used until 1994, when it was changed by force.

Its headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, and their work helps todevelop agreed rules on customs procedures and to assist and advise the customs services.

The WCO has established an international standard classification of products called the Harmonized CommodityDescription and Coding System Harmonized System or dry.
It has 174 member countries, and its current Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya's (2009 -).
The OMA does not intervene in commercial disputes orrelating to tariffs, this is provided by the World Trade Organization.

In June 2005, adopted the SAFE program, an international convention which contains 17 standards to enhance security, tradefacilitation, combating corruption and tax collection.

Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding

The Harmonized System (HS, HS English Harmonized System) is a model for the product nomenclaturedeveloped by the World Customs Organization. Its purpose is to create a multi-purpose standard for the classification of goods traded worldwide.

Currently in use by more than 200 countries as a basisfor defining the collection of import taxes. It is also used to collect statistics on international trade, tariff setting policies, handling of rules of origin, monitoring of controlled goods amongothers.
The Harmonized System uses a six-digit coding and classification structure of 4 levels: section with 21 categories, with Chapter 97, heading over Sub-heading 1200 and more than 5000.
Tariffclassification is performed according
Origin either animal, vegetable, mineral.

A specific example would be 3208.20 corresponding to polymer-based acrylic paints and / or vinyl in...
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