Human heritage

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  • Publicado : 18 de enero de 2012
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Nowadays people live in their own worlds, even sometimes like machines, eating (by a necessity and not a pleasure), going to work, watching TV, playing video games… all in anelectronic way, they have been forgetting their identities, the importance of small things like walking just because you wanted to bread fresh air, talking to new people to know different customs and way ofthinking, and sometimes, also, the importance of for a moment feeling surprised, connected and related to somebody or something.

There are a bunch of stuff outside, for instance according toUNESCO “A Cultural Heritage includes monuments, groups of buildings and sites with historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value; also, Natural Heritage includesthe physical training, biological and geological features, habitat of endangered plant and animal species, and areas with scientific value, conservation or aesthetic”(1), All this I can translatedlike something that can have the power to transport you to their time and tell you a story and our country is full of magnificent places, people, customs, gastronomy, waiting for us to go there andenjoy them; something that makes us feel once more that we all are part of the same community and that we share a history.

Mexico has a lot of heritage to share with the world and not only materialthings, also immaterial ones, defined by the UNESCO like “the set of tradition-based creations of a cultural community, expressed by a group or individuals and recognized as reflecting the expectationsof a community as they reflect its cultural and social identity”(2), like for example “the day of the death” practiced at the end of October principles of November; on this party we celebrate ourdead people, we can feel that for an instance they come back and share one more moment with us. And, like everything in Mexico, we play with music, colors, sensations and gastronomy, now that we put an...
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