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1. Explain the Essex Junto and why it was formed.
In the Northeastern the people formed a group called Essex Junto. The Essex Junto wanted to be separated from the union. With the support of EssexJunto, Aaron Burr the vice president ran for governor of New York in 1804. Burr then attempted to begin a new nation in the West and was tried for treason and found not guilty.
2. What contributedto the "Era of Good Feelings" during James Monroe's presidency?
One of the things that contributed in the Era of Good Feelings was that in 1816, congress passed its first tariff that was intended toprotect American goods from lower priced imported goods. The Republicans authorized the creation of a second national bank. States began constructing roads and canals to make trade and travel easierbetween states.

3. Why did Andrew Jackson form the Democratic-Republican Party?
Controversy arose, however, when the newly elected president appointed Henry Clay as the secretary of state.Critics accused Clay and Adams of making a "corrupt bargain" to get Adams elected by the House. Although both Adams and Clay denied the allegations, the new president began his term under criticism.Andrew Jackson was furious over the situation and made his anger known by starting the Democratic-Republican political party (later changed to just "Democratic"). John Quincy Adams' party became known asthe National Republican Party

4. Describe some of reasons for westward expansion.
The feeling that had the United States was to continue and resolve to settle the west had been around since thestart of the nation. As territories were added to the Louisiana Purchase and the desire to move to the westward are intensifies. In 1844, the term "manifest destiny" is first used to describe thebelief of Americans had god-given right would be established and sea to sea.
The motives for westward expansion included the:
1. Need for new markets
2. Desire for a Pacific Coast port...
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